Students' Rental Guide: Navigating the Private Rented Sector Safely in Northern Ireland

Students' Rental Guide: Navigating the Private Rented Sector Safely in Northern Ireland

Are you a student renting in Northern Ireland and a problem has arisen? Whether you're currently renting or are in the process of finding accommodation, it's important to stay well-informed about your rights and equipped with essential information to ensure you can rent safely and securely.

With the private rented sector prices on the rise, we know that it's becoming more difficult for students to find affordable, decent homes.  Whether you're feeling stuck or simply seeking advice, we've pulled together some handy resources to help you navigate the rental process.


NUS Student Renters' Hub

We have brought together a range of resources to help student renters know and enforce their rights as tenants.  Brush up on the basics of renting, get advice on tenancy agreements and moving in, or what to do if you have an issue — everything you need is here in one place!

Website: Student Renters' Hub - NUS UK


Your Students’ Union

As a student, your Students’ Union will be able to provide support and advice if you're facing rental challenges. Your Students’ Union is committed to supporting you throughout your academic journey and can provide advice related to housing and renting. Don't hesitate to drop-in if you have any concerns or questions about your rental situation, as they can offer valuable advice and direct you to the right resources.


Student Support or Student Wellbeing Services

Student Advice Centre - North East Scotland College

Most universities and colleges will have a Student Support or Student Wellbeing service, where you can access counselling support, advice and signposting when you need it.  These support services are free, confidential and incredibly useful for students.  Be sure to check your university and college website to explore what supports are on offer to you.


Housing Rights NI 

When it comes to housing and renting advice and information, Housing Rights NI is your go-to resource. They offer a dedicated advice service specifically designed to support tenants like you. Whether you have questions about your rights as a tenant, need assistance with a rental issue, or require guidance on navigating the rental market, Housing Rights NI is there to help.

Check out their recently published article on tips to surviving a student rental.



Citizens Advice NI

Citizens Advice Northern Ireland | Money Advice Liaison Group

Citizens Advice NI is an independent charity that offers free, confidential advice and information on a wide range of issues, including housing and renting. You can easily reach out to Citizens Advice NI via phone, email, or visit one of their offices located throughout Northern Ireland. Their knowledgeable experts can help you address rental-related queries, understand your rights, and provide guidance on resolving any rental disputes or issues.



Shelter NI

Shelter NI is a charity dedicated to providing advice and support to individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. They offer valuable guidance on renting, such as tips on finding the right property, negotiating a tenancy agreement, and handling problems with your landlord. Hopefully you never find yourself in a precarious housing situation, but if you ever do, Shelter NI can provide the assistance you need to secure stable and safe housing.


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