Cost of Survival

We are facing the worst cost of living crisis in 40 years.
Students’ incomes haven’t increased with inflation for over a decade – if they had, students today would have thousands more in their bank account each year. 
We’re being expected to shoulder the burden of this crisis while energy companies and big banks make massive profits. 
We’ve had enough. 
This isn’t just about the cost of living – it’s about the cost of survival. 

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We demand: 

A cost of living payment 

Private companies have already recognised that their staff will need cost of living payments to get through the winter. Yet students who are on severely low incomes are expected to get by on their own. Government policy is creating student poverty. 

We want all students in further and higher education to receive a tax-free Cost of Living payment.

A rent freeze

Housing supply is dropping and rents are going up. Student tenancies are typically short-term so there’s no legal barrier to stop landlords hiking the rent with every new contract. We need to make housing affordable, so we want government to introduce an emergency rent freeze across the private sector and purpose built student accommodation for the duration of the crisis. 

Free transport

Rural students, placement and nursing students, and apprentices are some of the worst affected by rising fuel costs. We want institutions and government to introduce a range of measures to lower transport costs for students, including increasing mileage rates, offering fuel payments and making public transport free for anyone with a student card.  

Take a look at our full plan to take students from surviving to thriving.

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