NUS-USI Conference 2024

Date: 20th-21st March 2024
Location: Ormeau Baths, Belfast

NUS-USI Conference is an exciting opportunity for students to come together to build high-impact campaigns that lead to real change.

This year’s conference will be high-energy, impactful campaigning space that will shape, grow and develop the campaigning priorities for our movement in the future.

As a conference attendee you can expect:

1.    Spaces where you can build networks and connections

2.    Meaningful involvement in shaping the next steps of our campaigns

3.    Chances to grow your own campaigning skills to take action



Nominations are now closed for NUS-USI President and voting for the position will commence on Monday 11th March-Thursday 14th March, this will be an online vote open to rep registered to attend NUS-USI Conference 2024.  We have two candidates standing in the election, you can find out more about them here  .  You also have the opportunity to hear from the candidates and even put forward a question to them at our NUS-USI presidential hustings taking place on Friday 8th March online.     

Policy Submission

Policy in NUS-USI directs the campaigning priorities for the following academic year. Policy submissions for NUS-USI Conference 2024 is now closed, policies being put forward at NUS-USI Conference can be found here.   

Important Dates and Deadlines

2023 Tuesday 12th December  1.30pm-2.30pm Become an NUS Officer! Info session for anyone interested Find out more/ register your interest
2024 Monday 15th January  12 noon Deadline- Policy submissions for NUS-USI Conference Submit your policy
  Thursday 25th January 1pm-2pm Become an NUS Officer! Info session for anyone interested Find out more/register your interest
  Tuesday 30th January 12 noon Nominations close for NUS-USI President  
  Friday 2nd February 3.30pm-5pm Online Policy Workshop for NUS-USI Conference Find out more/register your interest
  Tuesday 13th February 12 noon  Deadline to register delegates to vote in Priority Ballot  Find out more
  Tuesday 20th February   Priority Ballot Opens for Conference Policy  
  Thursday 22nd February 12 noon Priority Ballot Closes for Conference Policy  
  Tuesday 5th March  12 noon Deadline for registration for NUS-USI Conference   
  Tuesday 5th March 3pm-4pm NUS-USI President Accountability Surgery Find out more/Register to attend
  Friday 8th March 3pm - 4pm NUS-USI Presidential Hustings  Register now
  Monday 11th March    Voting OPENS for NUS-USI President  
  Thursday 14th March '24 12 noon Voting CLOSES for NUS-USI President  


Click here to access all NUS Conference dates and deadlines
We'll have more information to follow in the coming weeks with regards to our agenda, policies and elections so keep checking back to this page.