Free Transport for students

How can you study if you can't afford to get to college or uni? 

Transport fares are increasing in Northern Ireland from March 2023.

For students, aged 16-23, with a Y-link card prices will drop going from 1/3 to 50% off. A small win, recognising what young people have faced in the pandemic and now cost of living crisis. 

But the truth is... this leaves lots of students behind and doesn’t go far enough! 

For students over 24, they face struggling to find the money for the 7% increase to get to campus. 

SIGN UP to call for free transport for students! 

A survey by NUS UK found 51% of students were cutting back on transport costs. That's before any increases to prices were announced.  

So more than half of students and apprentices were already travelling to class less because they can't afford to.  

As always, it will be students from the poorest backgrounds hit the hardest, missing out on teaching time and having to find more hours to work cover the costs. 

Under-22s have access to free bus travel in Scotland thanks to successful campaigns by NUS Scotland and supporters.  

We believe trains and buses should be free for all students. Join us and make your voice heard. 

To build a more eco-friendly, sustainable and accessible Northern Ireland - we must do better! 

813 signed so far. Help us get to 1000!

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