NUS-USI launches Cost of Survival Campaign

NUS-USI launches Cost of Survival Campaign
NUS-USI has today launched the Cost of Survival Campaign, calling for real support for students during the cost of living crisis.
  • A third of students are relying on credit cards to keep up with the cost of living. 
  • 40% of students are relying on savings to get by. 
  • 42% of students are travelling to campus less due to the rising cost of fuel. 
  • 52% of students are spending less money on food. 
The Cost of Survival campaign has three key asks: 
  1. A Cost of Living Payment for all students in further and higher education
  2. A Rent Freeze in the private sector and purpose built student accommodation
  3. Free public transport for all students, as well as fuel payments and increased mileage rates 


Chloe Ferguson, President of NUS-USI said, “When students look at the months ahead we’re not thinking about how we can maintain a standard of living, we’re thinking about how we can simply survive. 
“The amount of money that students get nowadays was designed for the cost of living 13 years ago. People are increasingly working longer hours outside of their full-time courses just to meet basic living costs, like their rent and food bills. 
“Our government wonders why mental health rates are so poor in student populations – look no further than our bank accounts. The stress of just trying to get by is worse and worse every year. We’ve had enough.”
Public meetings for the campaign will be held in Derry and Belfast on 11 October and 18 October respectively. Further details of these events will be released closer to the time. 

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