How will UUP deliver for students at the General Election? | Analysis of GE24 Manifesto

How will UUP deliver for students at the General Election? | Analysis of GE24 Manifesto

UUP have released their party manifesto for the General Election.

Politics affects all of us, but sometimes manifestos can be hard to understand. That's why we will be breaking down what the major parties' manifestos say about the issues that matter to students.  We've had a look at the policies most relevant to students, apprentices and young people.


Here's what they've promised

  • Support for the ban of harmful ‘conversion therapy’ practices.
  • Enhance energy security, reduce prices, and streamline regulatory oversight, ensuring a more efficient and cost-effective energy supply for NI.
  • Invest in broadband, mobile connectivity and transport links to end the digital and physical isolation of rural communities.
  • Strive for an 82% or better reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050.
  • NI Jobs Skills Fund to deliver £35,000,000 funding. Embedding Social Partnership in skills decision making.

Here's what they're missing

  • No reference to addressing Student poverty in our colleges and universities nor ending the exploitative apprentice minimum wage.
  • The UUP show no sign of supporting trans students. Despite saying they would support LGBTQ+ students, they contradict this with an anti-trans policy.
  • Party contains a reference to a rise of people living with disabilities, however there’s limited detail of specific policies the party would implement.
  • Party recognises housing crisis but contains no mention of measures it would implement to curb soaring rental costs, like a rent freeze and abolishing the need for rental guarantors.
  • Pledge to abolishing the two-child cap on Universal Credit is welcomed, but no mention of reform of Universal Credit to widen eligibility to students and apprentices, recognising them as low-income earners.

Other policies that they've promised

  • Introduce a policy of zero new HIV diagnoses by 2030.
  • Maintaining pay parity across the health service.
  • Implement a zero-tolerance approach to hate crimes and harassment.
  • Advocate for high-quality early education and childcare services that are accessible and affordable for all families.
  • Promote a multi-cultural society that ensures ethnic minorities have the opportunity to integrate throughout Northern Ireland.
  • Recognise and reward the invaluable contributions of all education professionals, ensuring they are supported and appreciated in their roles.
  • Leverage AI development to promote skills development and education initiatives to upskill and reskill the workforce, ensuring that NI remains competitive in the global digital economy.
  • Commitment to supporting gender equality, removing barriers to women’s participation in employment.
  • Flexible working and parental leave for both parents.
  • Tackle violence against women and girls.
  • Support the Police Service of Northern Ireland and civic society to address and end race related intimidation and discrimination.
  • Urgently address the pressing issues affecting Lough Neagh.

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