NUS-USI Conference

As NUS enters it’s 98th year we’ve clarified a new purpose: deliver focused high impact campaigns that win for students. 
This year’s NUS-USI Conference will be high energy, impactful campaigning space - moving away from reacting to the symptoms, and going after the root causes instead.
The event will bring students and officers together from across Northern Ireland to organise around the next steps in our #StudentsDeserveBetter and mental health campaigns. The conference will have a focus on NUS-USI's campaigning work which you can read about on our website.
The conference will take place online
As a conference attendee you can expect:

1.    Spaces where you can build your networks and connections

2.    Meaningful involvement in shaping the next steps of our campaigns

3.    Chances to grow your own campaigning skills to take action.
It doesn’t end with conference either. We are building communities of activists to continue to be actively involved in our campaigns. Before, during and after conference we’ll also be working together to shape what NUS-USI will be vocal and visible on. These sessions will be part of conversations to continue to shape, grow and develop the campaigning priorities for our movement in the future. In addition, we’ll be electing NUS-USI Steering Committee members at conference.
Click on the buttons below to check out NUS-USI Conference policy, elections, and more information which will show you our agenda and more! 


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