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Students deserve better

Students Deserve Better

#StudentsDeserveBetter than our treatment during Covid-19!   Are you unhappy with how students have been treated throughout the pandemic? You... Read more

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Decolonising education 2297634 photo by breston kenya from pexels

Decolonise Education

#NUSDecoloniseEducation Education providers fundamentally cannot decolonise education themselves because of what our education and institutions ... Read more

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Mental health ni

Investment in student mental health

Tackling the student mental health crisis is our priority over the next 2 years. Students are at a higher risk of developing mental health probl... Read more

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Sinn fein abortion restriction

Abortion reform

#TrustUs   #TrustUs was a student-led campaign for free, safe, legal and local abortion rights in Northern Ireland.   We believe that a... Read more

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Two child benefits cap

Scrap the benefit two child limit

#ScrapTheCap Campaigners called for the government to scrap the two-child limit on benefits after official figures showed that nearly 600,000 ch... Read more

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Love is love

Campaign for civil marriage

#LoveEquality Love Equality is a consortium of Amnesty International Northern Ireland, The Rainbow Project, Irish Congress of Trade Unions North... Read more

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Student safety net 2

Protecting students during the pandemic 2020

#StudentSafetyNet, #StudentComplaintChain, #SpacetoStudy Lead officers:         Zamzam Ibrahim, National President 2019/20 Liam McCabe, ... Read more

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No to a No Deal Brexit

#BrexitWrecksIt and #NoToNoDeal In 2016, 55.8% voted to remain in the EU in Northern Ireland. However, the UK as a whole voted to leave by a nar... Read more

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Young people marching on streets for students deserve better

16 and 17-year-olds should not be denied the vote

#VotesAt16 | Mól an óige agus tíocfaidh sí. The Votes at 16 Campaign is a youth-led campaign across Ireland and the UK, encouraged by schools,... Read more

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