Minister Poots has missed an opportunity to support CAFRE students

Friday 09-04-2021 - 14:04
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On 1 April Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots has announced that financial support for students at  the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) would be increasing - but so will tuition fees. Fees are set to almost treble from £1,735 currently to £4,530 per annum. 
Ellen Fearon, NUS-USI President responded: “This announcement from Minister Poots is disappointing, and a missed opportunity to truly support students. While increases in funding for student support are very welcome and well overdue, they fall short of students’ genuine cost of living, as outlined in the Department’s own research. Furthermore using the language of parity to mask an enormous leap in tuition fees is a false fallacy. Education should always be free at the point of access and failure to invest in the students of today represents a failure to invest in our collective future. To portray a leap in tuition fees as a move towards equality with other students is an insult to students who will face substantially higher debt to receive the same education as their recent peers.” 


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